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Weekend in Greenville + Local Faves!


This past weekend we Jetted off to Greenville to finalize details on this next weeks VP event!!! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!! It went by so fast, But we were lucky enough to get to explore a few of the local places! Getting to experience some of the Antique shops in Downtown Greer was something we totally enjoyed. We also stopped at several restaurants and....Y'ALL.... they did not disappoint either!! One of the things I love the most about Greer is the new brick paved streets and side walks they are adding amongst restoring the old buildings. In this Blog post, I want to provide y'all with my Favorite restaurants, antique shops and boutiques I have tried in cities surrounding the VP' Market! Hope you Enjoy, Friends!

(Here is a link to VP TICKETS for March 6-7 in South Carolina: )

What Girl doesn't love a good Boutique?? Well here are some of the boutiques we have been to! This Boutique is Southern Sisters, which will have a booth at VP next week!! yayay!

Here are some of the Antique stores I have been able to visit SO FAR! We try to hit a new place every trip!

....more antique stores! yay! We love our Vintage! Right?!

..Vintage is what we came for! So here's some more stops for you to shop!!

I am a GOOD-FOOD LOVER! When I go on a trip, I am expecting something new and unique and yummy on my plate! Here's some restaurants you need to try!! The plate here is from Blue Porch!

...more great restaurants!! Just look at that Coffee above from Barista Alley! My mouth is watering, Y'all!!

..If you are a food-lover, like me... you need plenty of options!!!

...Ofcourse, I have plenty of food recommendations! Y'all are gonna love me for this!

.....HOPE YOU ENJOYED FRIENDS! And Do not worry, It is not too late to get your tickets to next weekends event in South Carolina!! Take a girls weekend trip or even a day trip and come see us!!! WE WANT TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOU!!! WE LOVE YOU VP FAMILY!!!



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