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Tips for applying Self Tanner

I am a Happier Person when I am Tan!lol

Not to be Dramatic, but it's true! RIGHT!?! I feel 100x better about myself, what I have to do , Life in general when I have a nice tan! The old saying is if you cant tone it tan it. lol

As true as it is, I can not be cruel to my skin anymore like in my younger days. You know what i'm talking about, right? I know i cant be the only one in my teen years that lathered herself up with baby oil and iodine and thought 15 spf was a big deal! Totally showing my age now!lol Several years ago I went to Self Tanner year round and have NEVER looked back! I of course love a fun day by the pool relaxing but lets be honest, being in the sun doesn't come with skinspots so i'm lathering that 70spf all day!! I am telling y'all Self Tanner is the BEST!

AND to Prove it Here is a Before and After of one of my Fav Tanners! I have tried several over the years but this is the 2, I keep coming back to recently. The biggest thing is finding what undertones work best for your skin. There isn't a one size fits all for everyone, what works for you may not for me and vice versa. We each have different skin tones, types etc. But I will say with a little trial and error and reading reviews you can find the perfect tanner. Right now i really am loving the Venetian tan by Norvell and the 2 hour express tan by Loving Tan.

What You Will Need:

  • Exfoliant

  • Mitt

  • Tanner

  • Moisturizing Lotion

  • (optional) A Handy Dandy lotion applicator for your back!

Doing your own Tanner

Step 1:


Everywhere you plan on tanning!! This is a serious step and helps your tan go on evenly and last longer. Honestly, I don't use a specific exfoliator. I just grab whats in the shower. Dry off completely after showering using your towel to help exfoliate any other skin not removed in shower.

Step 2:


Apply moisturizing lotion to heels, elbows, knees and hands. These are the driest parts of your body and can tend to soak it up faster and look darker and uneven. applying lotion provides a barrier to those areas for a more even color.

Step 3:

//Apply with tanning mit

I apply my tanner at night when I get out of the shower a few hours before i go to bed.

Use a self tanner mitt and pump 2 pumps of tanner on the mitt. Apply in circular motions and not strokes. I apply to shins first then work your way to your thighs and then use remaining tanner on mitt to go over knees and feet last.

Step 4:

//Work on one section at a time

I work my way up from here doing arms, stomach, and chest area next and calling in for a little help on my back area or you can invest in a lotion applicator (linked above).

Also don't forget to lift your arm straight up when applying to under side of arms and around armpit/side boob area. This keeps tan even all around and not splotchy.

I apply tanner all the way up to my neck/chin area.

Apply evenly in Circular motions with the mitt!

Step 5:

//Let it Dry!

And most importantly, don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards, especially in between fingers and palms. I try to be very careful to not was the tops of my hands though removing the tanner. If for some reason you do just take your mitt and lightly rub it across the tops of your hand with any remaining tanner on it. This will help keep your hands from being white and the rest of your body being really tan.

Step 6:

//Wear loose clothing

After about 20 min and I feel like it has dried enough to put clothes on I wear loose clothing like an over-sized tee and pajama pants so it doesn't rub any tan off And shower the next morning! Once I get out of the shower I pat myself off dry and use moisturizing lotion!


And that’s it my friends!! When i see the before and after i realize just why i apply this weekly! lol Hope this was helpful and if you’ve been wanting to try sunless tanner but just unsure Maybe this gave you a few helpful tips to get started!



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