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Support Small Businesses


When Vintage Pickin'® began, it was our hope to help promote other small business owners and be able provide an opportunity for them to showcase their business and merchandise at our events.

Being a host for a vintage market has allowed us, the VP team, to develop a deep love and respect for all of our vendors. They are like family!

Seeing them at our events, the hard work that goes into creating their booths, how far they travel, the loading and unloading, I know the hard work and heart and soul that goes into it.

Its their living, how they work and provide for their family.

During this devastating time, majority of our vendors have not been able to work and make money because of this virus and the cancellation of all the Spring markets and the tens of thousands of customers they will miss out on getting their products to. We are just heart broken and wanted to see how we could help!

My goal today is to encourage you all to take a minute and recognize a few small business owners and show your support for them, whether that is buying something from them, sending them an encouraging word, saying a prayer, or liking and sharing their social media posts.

You just don't know how much it will mean to them!

Thank you advance for your support and we pray each of you are staying safe!

Love, April


Here are a list of our vendors & friends that are actively selling on a website, Etsy page or social pages:

The Cotton Shed » Website | Instagram

Front Porch Jewelry (Jenny's Jewels) » Website | Facebook

Resurrect Antiques » Website | Instagram | Facebook

JBS Mercantile » Website | Instagram | Facebook

Just Me Antiques » Facebook

Maple & Dickerson » Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

Ruffles and Overalls » Website | Instagram | Facebook

Down Home Chippy » Website | Instagram

Grace Girl Beads » Website | Instagram | Facebook

Garmantiques » Instagram | Facebook

Belle Maison » Website | Instagram | Facebook

Deer & Thyme » Website | Instagram | Facebook

Sweetwater Antiques » Instagram | Facebook

Pink Porch Marketplace » Website | Instagram | Facebook

Southern BlueBird Day » Website | Instagram | Facebook

The Vintage Workshop (Myrtle Jane's) Instagram | Facebook

Queen Blue Sage » Instagram | Facebook

The Purple Ottoman » Website | Instagram | Facebook

FTR Lake Lights » Facebook

Haus Designs » Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

Indigo Roots Textile » Website | Instagram | Facebook

Little Black Box » Website | Instagram | Facebook

Vanessa Rhea Boutique » Website

Wildly Urban » Website

Anna Phillips Designs » Website | Instagram

Rustic Attitude » Website | Instagram

The Country Pedaler » Instagram | Facebook

Pin It Co. » Website

Small Town Junk » Website | Instagram

House Haberdashery » Instagram

A&M Designs » Instagram

Tulip Grove Farms » Instagram

Hoosiers Sisters » Instagram | Website

Bella Antiques Design » Instagram

Poppy and Rose Clothing » Website

Lucy Inspired » Website

Baker & Co. Home Mercantile » Website | Instagram

Rose and Grace Market » Website

Curate4U » Website

The DogWood Loom » Instagram

Barking Bird Antiques » Instagram | Facebook

Here A Chick There A Chick » Instagram | Facebook

PumpkinVine Creek Soap » Website | Instagram

Coastal Charm » Instagram | Facebook

Restoration Roe » Website | Instagram

Bluegrass Market » Instagram | Facebook

86 & Everette » Instagram | Facebook

A Rustic Mess » Instagram

Aged Fusion » Instagram

BackRoad Antiques » Facebook

Barefoot Vintage » Instagram | Facebook

Bleu 32 » Instagram

Blondeberries » Instagram | Facebook

Box Truck Boutique » Instagram | Facebook

Chippy Vintage Hippy » Instagram | Facebook

Eliza Quinn Creates » Instagram | Facebook

Farm B4 Fancy » Instagram

Gypsyrose » Instagram

Hat Creek Antiques » Facebook

Homegrown Studio » Instagram | Facebook

J Alexander Home » Instagram | Facebook

My Vintage Heart » Instagram | Facebook

Roached Out Restoration » Instagram

Rust and Wanderlust » Instagram | Facebook

Rustic Arrow » Instagram | Facebook

Sanderson & Co. » Facebook

Shiplapp Style » Instagram | Facebook

South Design » Instagram | Facebook

The Rustic Pineapple » Instagram

Trailer Trash Vintage » Instagram

Vintage 6560 » Instagram | Facebook

WeRTheGoodz » Instagram

Blue Sky Creative » Instagram



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