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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother's Day is such a special day that is dear to my heart.

A day laid out to honor and show appreciation to all the Moms in your life. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what to get your mother, mother in law, someone who is a special chosen mom or how to let our husbands know what would mean a lot to us if you are a mom! So I decided to make it a little easier with the help of my AMAZING Friends! I know most of us might say we dont need a gift, all we want is time and thats true but it sure does always make you feel appreciated and seen when someone takes the time to get you a thoughtful gift.

I asked what your idea gift would be and took those answers and with a few of my own and put together a list.

Below is a Gift Guide with shoppable items from all price ranges and lots of ideas to help you or lets face it, that special man in your life that just might not know exactly where to start! Feel Free to just forward this post right to your hubby's inbox if he may need a few hints! ;)


Porch and Patio Furniture

Porch and Patio Furniture was a Big request on your list! Summer is Right around the corner and getting our porch spruced is a gift you can enjoy for years to come!

There is almost nothing I love more than relaxing in a Patio Rocker, or porch swing with a lemonade in my hand, watching my babies play!

I am sure many moms and grandparents feel the same way watching your babies play too! Any of these pieces would be an amazing gift for the Momma that loves her porch time!!

Shop my favorites below:

Outdoor plants

Outdoor plants was the second requested item and if your local nursery doesn't have what your looking for I was excited to see that Home Depot now delivers PLANTS?!? I know what you are thinking!... WHAT??? Yes, it is true and isn't that perfect for right now??

Always a good idea to get some beautiful plants and flowers delivered to your mom!

These are some of my favorite hydrangeas that I have planted in my own yard and this is the gift that keeps on giving, year after year with beautiful blooms to remind them of this special gift!


I love simple statement jewelry pieces and this is something on my own list! These special mother pieces of jewelry are perfect, dainty and sentimental! If you were wanting to go with an ACCESSORY, here are some of my favorite pieces that go with almost EVERYTHING!!


Is your mom a reader or love a good cook book or design book? I put together a few of my favorites I'am currently using and hopefully you can find one thats the perfect fit!


A good pair of PJ's is like having a good pair of sheets on your bed! Something soft, comfortable and feminine makes the biggest difference! Here are a few of my Absolute favorites Pajamas and house shoes from over the years that I have owned and love! They are soft, cozy, and classy!


I feel like you can not go wrong with a candle! These capri candles are one of my favorite candles in my house and they smell amazing!!

Preserve a Family Recipe

I absolutely love this idea!! What a great way to preserve a family recipe favorite! They engrave the recipe in your handwriting onto a cutting board that you can keep and pass down forever!


I started wearing Dime Beauty perfume this year and quickly fell in love! The ILYSB and Malibu Nights are my absolute favorites!

Malibu Night is a beachy scent With light, refreshing, sweet tones, sandalwood, berries and coconut musk.

ILYSB is beautiful warm summery scent with blend of sandalwood and lush gardenia flowers.

You can find them on my Dime Beauty Favorites page and automatically get 20% off with this link HERE.

A Nice Leather Bag

This ANDAR Addison Bag was a splurge but one that was so worth it to me! Its quality leather and i love the amount of storage and pockets it has and it even fits my laptop in it! The quality is awesome and it has held up great on 3 trips i've taken it on so far! I've been a huge fan of ANDAR products ever since i got Tyler his first wallet from there for Fathers Day. They Also gave me code to save you guys some cash if you want to treat yourself!

Code: VINTAGEPICKIN20 for 20% off and right now hey are offering FREE 2 day shipping!


I love beautiful florals and I know all local florist may not be open so my favorite online florals that ships anywhere is Farmgirl Flowers! I have ordered from them multiple times to send flowers to friends out of state or not local and they are AMAZING!

The Festive Farmhouse Box

If your special mom in your life doesn't live near you, my friend from The Festive Farmhouse has the most adorable curated gift boxes you can have delivered right to their door!

A Mothers Day Photo Session

(photo by Rachel Clarke Photography)

Let's just be honest friends how many photos do we have of our kids and our husbands, every other family member in the entire family is documented.....except who remembers to take our photos with our kiddos. One of the best gifts i was given one year was a session with just me and the kids. Its still some of my most treasured photos. Ask for or give the mom in your life a photo session with your favorite photographer! These were taken by my talented friend Rachel Clarke.

If you're local here is a few of my local photog friends....

Ulta Gift Card

A gift card to ULTA for all her beauty needs, and favorite products without feeling guilty spending money on herself! → Ulta Giftcard Link


Lots of other great request and ideas from you guys was...

  • Gift Cards to Local Restaurants and sitter for a date night! THIS IS A FAVORITE!

  • A day at a local SPA... Hello Yes Please!

  • Photo Books or photos of your kids printed and framed!

  • Just a special meal cooked that mom doesn't have to think about or clean up!

  • A moms day off and Dad handling all the mom duties! Sign me up!



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