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Living Room RoundUp

I gathered a few living room items to share with y'all! The Living Room is such a great space to focus in on your style and the message you want to give! I hope you find these pieces useful in creating a look you love for your own spaces!

When looking for a couch, style is very important, however comfort is as equally important! Who cares how pretty a couch is if its stiff as board Or not big enough ti snuggle up on movie nights! Another key factor when buying a couch is cleaning it! I love slip covered and leather couches because of how easy to clean they are! With Kids and a dog in the house that’s big on the priority list! I can throw my slipcovers in the wash and they are good to go!

Pillows are so great for altering any room into something new! If you are like me you get tired of seeign the same things over and over. Pillows help with the urge to change everything!

Shelves are great ways to store things but for me it’s also about getting creative and displaying all the little collections of things i love and creating something beautiful visually!

Wall Decor is so important when decorating! These maps are so neat and make a statement in a room!! Currently obsessed!

Greenery is a MUST in my home! You can find faux plants in nearly every room in my house! Here are some of my favorite picks!

Y'all know I love my Big Comfy White Chair so I had to include one for y'all!

Rugs can completely change the vibe of any room! Love this design and the colors in this rug!

I love both of these coffee tables! Coffee tables are important because they sit in the center of the room! They should tie in the style you are going.

I Love baskets! You can store anything in them and they add some style at the same time! WIN WIN!

I hope you all enjoyed this roundup and use these tips to design the perfect space in your home!



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