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Kitchen Refresh (Part 1)

We finally Finished our Kitchen Refresh Guys!! I could not be Happier with the outcome. It was a work in progress for what seemed like forever but it was SO worth it! We did a kitchen reno about 4 years ago on a budget but still had so many things that didn't make the cut, due to time and money. TIGHT budget, y'all know what I mean? We like to save a little and then do a little, so it was finally time to finish a few other things on our list and I was so excited to get started.

We did several things during this refresh but the thing that made the MOST impact was adding the back splash and new open shelving. The first thing I noticed was how much brighter and open the kitchen looked right off the bat. Another small change with big impact was raising the cabinets about 3 inches. So many of y'all said "don't do it!!" BUT y'all I love it! The main reason was to give more counter space and create the look of taller ceilings since our kitchen only has 8 foot ceilings. It always felt so closed in and dark over the counter tops. I really felt like by raising the cabinets it would create more space between them and allow so much more light in. And y'all it really did!

Next was to Simplify the shelving, less is more!

In our first kitchen reno, we took down cabinets off the wall and added 2 rows of open shelving around the window. But honestly, I just wasn't ever happy with them completely. The wall looked cluttered to me and again made the ceilings look lower. I really wanted to simplify and create a more minimalistic look. So this go around, I used the reclaimed wood shelving and only used one shelf. I took ta rip over to Southern Accents in Cullman and found the perfect old beam they cut in half for me to create the exact shelves i wanted! I was beyond excited to put a small piece of history in our kitchen.

With the Single Shelf I am able to use taller decor which opens opportunity to more decor options, plus elongates the height of the wall making the ceilings appear taller. Looking back, I am so glad I chose a more minimalistic appearance.

Last but not least, we FINALLY added a back splash. If you hang around in stories on Instagram, you know the dilemma we had of choosing and compromising on a back splash we both loved. We finally settled on a brick tile that we found at Lowe's. I wanted real brick and Tyler wanted a subway tile, so this was the perfect compromise for us together. AND the best part is it was affordable. I used a white grout on it and could not be happier with how it turned out.

The tile seems to pull the light into the kitchen, which I am so thankful for.

My goal for this space was to create an open, inviting space that had a clean, simplistic feel to it while at the same time adding a touch of warmth and character with warm wood tones. It was so fun to work on this project and see my vision come to life after so much planning.

I can't wait to share more details of the project in another post and I hope this inspired you in some way for any projects you may be working on. You can subscribe here to not miss any future post or projects!




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