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Designing a Neutral Boys Bedroom

Designing a boy room to be cute and boyish for them Can be Hard! Here are some of the tricks I learned when designing Kaden's Room!

Nuetral colors are your best friend! For kadens room we went with Navy’s, olive green soft white and grey! I Incorporated clean line furniture pieces in metal, wood and leather to keep a more masculine feel. Art always ties a space together and gives an opportunity bring a little of their personality to the space and what interest they have! Kaden loves hunting and fishing and loves horses so I created a wall collection of antlers for him above his bed And he loved it! keep it true to them and functional but know it doesn’t always have to be character theme room that will out grow in a year. you Want their room to a space that they Can grow into as they get older in age!


Picking a rug can be hard but one rule I have for boys is NO shaggy rug. I like rugs I can wash, especially if it's going in a boys room! Ruggable rugs are great for kids because they are machine washable and super cute!

Night Stand

Sticking to a boxy bed side table is best for boys. It gives the room a more masculine feel!


I love to use different colors and patterns on boy bedrooms ! Here are some of my favorite sets!

Bed Frame

I stuck with a simple metal bed frame and really love the compliment it gives the room!

Wall Decor

These are some amazing ways to decorate a boys room ! Kaden thought it was so cool how he could have boyish room and it still have a design to it!


If your son is younger and still has toys this is a great way to store them! Kaden used a chest at the end of his bed to sit on while he played his game!


I decided to have Kaden a desk in his room because he likes building things with Legos and I think it's a great thing for kids to do activities that don't involve technology sometimes so These chairs came in handy for that!




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