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DIY: Restoration Hardware Wall Art For Less

Lets be honest we all know I love creating a high end look on a budget, am I right? I spotted some wall art on RH site and it sparked an idea y’all! Kaden has been collecting arrowheads since he was little and they stay neatly tucked away in a box. But when I saw this Arrowhead artwork on RH site for $300.00 momma knew it was time to break out the Krazy Glue and DIY supplies and create her own version!

This is a super simple process to make a cute arrowhead display And honestly you could use anything small you collect and treasure to create some unique meaningful artwork. I love using things from nature and that have a history and what is better than arrowheads that the kids and I have found together?

I snagged the Shadowbox for less than $15!👏🏻WINNN! Seriously its hard to find a shadowbox under $50 so finding this one was simply a sign that this project was a GO! Linking it here

It didn’t come with a mat fir so I purchased it separately and I’ll link it here for you guys!

Then Krazy Glue maximum Bond was my go to because y’all it begins to cure in 10 seconds.... did y’all hear that 10 seconds! I like quick, efficient and trustworthy products and that’s exactly what Krazy Glue has been providing for the last 45 years! Not to mention it’s 3x stronger than its competitors!

SO to begin the process I simply picked out which arrowheads I wanted to use, I took the KrazyGlue and applied it down the middle of the Arrowhead in a straight line and placed it exactly where I wanted it on the mat. EASY PEASY friends!

Honestly, I held it down for less than 10 seconds and moved onto the next arrowhead! And let me tell you it didn’t budge, It's so quick to dry! Which I love because y'all know I like my projects quick!

By the time I got to the last arrowhead the other two were NOT GOING ANYWHERE! I waited a minute or 2 on the last to dry , flipped it over and put it in the shadowbox! A simple yet BEAUTIFUL display made in less than 5 minutes.. I know, its amazing Right! saved me hundreds of dollars and showcased kadens favorite arrowheads from his collection instead of them hiding in a box!

Here is the finished product and I’m loving how they turned out!! It’s got me thinking just what else could I Kraxy Glue in a shadow box!lol

I mean the options are endless! what do you collect that may could make a Great Wall Art for your home?

DIY Restoration Hardware Wall Decor for Less

Hope you enjoyed this project! Let me know how it goes if you try it!



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