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Dining Room RoundUp

Today, I replaced the chandelier in my Dining Room to the one in this roundup so I decided it was the perfect time to show y'all some items that would create an amazing atmosphere! I love my new chandelier because of the clean lines and simple modern touch!

To be Honest, my New Chandelier is from Wayfair. I bought mine from a return store! But in light of recent allegations,many of us are not shopping Wayfair at this time. So I have linked a similar chandelier above!

I love having a rug under my dining table because it gives a cozy feel to the room! This rug has such a beautiful pattern its hard to pass up!

Isn't this dining table adorable? I love the tone of the wood! AND the Marble Look on top!

This bench would be perfect if your dining room also has an entry way! or Just to have for extra seating if needed!!

Aren't these chairs gorgeous!? I am currently OBSESSED!

I love objects you can decorate with or have practical uses! These are super great for both!

MUST HAVE: Greenery!!!! I love my faux greenery!No responsibilities, just beautiful!

Wall Decor is so important ! Here are some of my faves !

I love this sofa table! The underneath is perfect for baskets and storage like shown above! Love it!!

I hope you all enjoyed this roundup and use these tips to design the perfect space in your home!


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