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Dining Room RoundUp

One thing I enjoy about my job is being able to use my love of home decor and help give you guys vision and sources for spaces I’m your home! I love getting to help source items for you to help make your home a place you love! The dining room is the perfect space to sit with family and enjoy time together. I live using use neutral colors, fabrics, and textures to create a welcoming feeling In my home!

This week's roundup is all about the Dining room! It's such a special place to gather with your family, loved ones, friends and sit around the table, laugh, reminisce and create a lifetime of memories together!

I put together a soft neutral space for a light and airy french country vibe And love how it turned out! The creamy whites, neutral wood tones added so much warmth to the space and the chandelier was the perfect added touch!

Hope y'all enjoy this Roundup And if you are not subscribed to the blog yet you can do that and not miss another roundup post!

To add some life to your dining room collect some greenery and place in a decorative vase! I love this glass vase with wood accents!

I love Wicker Chairs! It adds such a beautiful French Country Vibe. This style is perfect to have in your dining room!

Y'all know I am a sucker for a farmhouse table! This one comes in several different colors too! Great for any dining room!

I love this chandelier because it has a soft style. This is the perfect piece to bring a sweet romantic vibe to the room!

Greenery is a MUST in my home! You can find faux plants in nearly every room in my house! Here are some of my favorite picks!

Wall Decor is meant to make a statement! You can never go wrong with a mirror. Art is how you make your room your own! What is something that describes you? Really think about that when picking out wall art!

A cutting board! I love using a cutting board for a centerpiece! Simply place the vase beside it for the perfect touch!

I hope you all enjoyed this roundup and use these tips to design the perfect space in your home!



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