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Bathroom RoundUp

A beautiful bathroom can be the perfect touch to any home, but sometimes it can be the hardest thing to decorate! So I gathered some items I think you guys will love!



I love this wooden single sink vanity! It has a beautiful modern touch from the dark hardware and the white countertop, but still gives a farmhouse vibe from the wood!

Shower Curtains

I love finding simple, chic shower curtains to give the perfect accent to any bathroom! Here are a few affordable Shower Curtains from Hearth and Hand!


A bathroom mirror is such an important piece! Everyone who enters this room is going to notice the mirror along with the vanity! It's important to have these two items go together well. If you have a simple vanity maybe put a more decorative mirror. I went with this more simple mirror because the vanity I picked out has enough eye catching detail by itself.


Lighting is a BIG deal in a bathroom! Have you ever been in a really dark bathroom somewhere? You try to rush out as fast as possible.. right?! Well you do not want to feel like that at home and you definitely don't want your guests to. lol!

Toilet Paper Holder

I like to have an appealing toilet paper holder because why ruin your bathrooms look with an ugly one?

Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder is the perfect hand towel rack!


I like to have a cute rug to tie in everything in the bathroom! PLUS it keeps your feet warm when you're getting ready in the morning.

Waste Basket

I love the look of using a basket for the trash can. For practicality, maybe try to find one that has a plastic lining on the inside or use bags in it. But isn't this one with the lid the CUTEST?!


A vase to put greenery or fresh flowers in!

Soap Dispensers

These Amber Glass dispensers are my favorite right now! I think I may order me some more!


This super cute towel is Perfect to hang on the Blanket Ladder!

I hope you enjoyed this RoundUp friends!!



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