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My Screened-In Porch Patio Set & Accents

Patio Furniture

You guys have asking all the details on my patio set so this week I shared all the details.

Patio furniture is expensive, y'all!

I spent over a year reading reviews trying to find something that would be quality and last a long time, but not have to sell a kidney for either lol.

I ordered the Beachcroft Sofa last summer and loved it so much and the quality that I went back and ordered the corner piece to create a sectional.

Linked here

TIP: if you're looking to buy on their Ashley Furniture website, it says shipping is 6-9 weeks! But, the same set is on Amazon and I received in a week!



I got these over a year ago and they have held up so well! The striped one I use my pressure washer on a low setting with some outdoor cleaner and most all of the mildew stains will come out.

I got the stripe one and then another pillow in both linen and charcoal, linked below!


Faux Plants & Baskets

Several of you guys had asked for links to the baskets and faux plants in my screened-in porch. I snagged them last year at TJ Maxx but couldn't find the exact ones online. Here's a few others I found that are similar.

Faux Plants



Other items from my screened-in porch:

I hope curating this was hopeful for you!





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