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Laundry Room Makeover

Still can’t get over the transformation in this space!! The built in storage cabinets is my absolute favorite thing we did! We had to fill in an exterior door so that would we could add those but it was the best decision we made and provided us with some much needed storage! 🤩🤩

I feel like half my life is spent in this room doing never ending laundry so at least I can enjoy looking at it while I’m in here!🤪😂

I tried to keep most of the items affordable and lower budget so that the bulk of the budget was definitely the the custom cabinetry and closing up the door to have a solid wall.

More Views of the Space

A Little Backstory

We were so fortunate when we bought this house in 2013 that is had a large size laundry room. But, it didn't have any kind of storage or built in. Just 2 small cabinets. There was an exterior door that we didn't use very often.

We had to get rid of the door!

When we were laying it out, we realized if we take the door out, that would open up a lot of opportunities to create a space that was functional for us.

The first thing we did was call our cabinet company and sat down with them to show our inspiration pictures and just talk about what was possible with them.

My Inspiration

The Cabinets

As you can tell the wall cabinet is the focal piece of the room. And we wanted to go bold! We ended up going with Greenblack by Sherwin Williams

Greenblack by Sherwin Williams

Cabinet Hardware

Battlecreek Hardware is one of my favorites brands and I have ordered many samples over the years trying to find the best brass and quality for the price.

Here's what all I got from Battlecreek Hardware:





More Cabinet Info

You probably noticed the vents in the cabinets. We knew we would be storing cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, sheets, outside boots, etc. and I didn't want things to be closed up. This allows for the ventilation we knew we needed!

The Wall Color

There is not a lot of natural light in this room so we wanted to do a lighter color on walls since we went with a bold color on the cabinet piece. The color we chose was Useful Gray by Sherwin Williams. It's a good mix between a grey and a beige. I love that this allowed us to keep a light and airy feel without being just white.

Useful Gray by Sherwin Williams

More Details & Products Used

Shaker Peg Hooks

There were a lot of questions about the piece in the middle of the room.

My Statement Piece

It's just an old English pine counter that I got from one of our events.

That's one of the things I love about our event—being able to find unique pieces that add that good character to a space and a statement piece. This definitely did that!

The Rug

I love a good classic print like plaid or stripes so you won't be surprised that I chose a classic plaid neutral rug. It really tied in perfect with the space and didn't take away from the pine statement piece. I am so happy with it!

The Light Fixture

The Baskets

I highly recommend the baskets from the Target Studio McGee line!

To Sum Things Up....

I really just wanted to go with a timeless, super simplistic but functional space that would grow with us in this house. And, I'm gonna be spending a lot of time in here let's be honest (I feel like I'm always in the laundry room do y'all not??? Lord bless all mothers & fathers AMEN 😩🙏😜)

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Check out this fun little transformation video!

I would love to know what you think of this transformation! The best place to find me is on Instagram @vintagepickin :)

When you shop through my links, I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!


I hope sharing this makeover with you was fun and hopefully gave you some inspiration if you're needing to make changes/upgrades to your laundry room too!





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