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How To: DIY Gel Nails

"A Girl without Beautiful Nails is like a Night without Stars." ~Tammy Taylor

If I am being honest I am the girl that loves to have my nails done but hates the maintenence and time it takes? Are y'all that way to? With 2 busy kiddos and running 2 business it was hard for me to find the time when we could be doing something as a family. Also, with everything going on right now ( Covid 19) you may not want to take a risk of getting sick by going to get something done that's not necessary. I get it, trust me. But you can still feel great and do something for yourself, while staying in, saving time and money. WIN, WIN, WIN!

What You Will Need:

  • Nail Lamp

  • Acetone/ Nail Polish Remover

  • Cotton Pads

  • Nail File

  • Cuticle Pusher Tool

  • Nail Primer

  • Base Coat

  • 90 Alcohol

  • nail buffer

  • lint free cloth

Doing Your Own Nails At Home

Step 1:

If you have nail polish on, begin by taking the lint free cloth and soaking them in the acetone or nail polish remover until your nails are completely bare!

Step 2:

Begin by pushing your cuticles back slightly to create a good space to paint your nail. This is an important part because you don't want to cause any inflamation, or bleeding. Be gentle and take your time. This should not hurt!

Step 3:

Next you can file your nail and create the shape you like. Also, In this step you can buff your nail to remove any excess oils.

Step 4:

Apply the Primer Coat.I use Gelish and it has worked really well. This works like a bonder to help the gel polish really adhere to the nail.

Step 5:

Apply the Base Coat making sure NOT to get it on the cuticles or edges of the skin. This can cause lifting of the gel polish and make it not stay on as long.

Place under light for 60 seconds.

Step 6:

Apply the 1st coat of the Colored Paint also making sure again not get any of the polish on your cuticle or skin and if you do use your orange wood stick to clean it up before you Put under light. leave under light for 60 sec again.

Apply second coat and Repeat again.

Step 7:

Apply Top Coat.Repeat same steps and put under Light again for 60 sec.

Step 8:

Your almost finished! Now Apply Alcohol with lint free cloth and wipe each nail with alcohol twice..

Finally Finished and i must say it makes me feel so much better having my nails took care of and indulging in a little self care time. Especially when its that simple! keep in mind though practice makes perfect and it may take several times to get it just right and adjust to what works best for your nails!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY!



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