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Vintage Mirror Gallery Wall

We all have those things we collect or cant help ourselves and just have to have one more. That, for me, is beautiful vintage mirrors!I love them so much and have been collecting them for years! If I am being honest, I Probably have just a few too many but hey!! Whose keeping count? lol. There is just something about the way that mirrored glass ages over time, the detail of the wood, the history of it..that just sucks me in and gives me all the feels. A few years ago, I pulled all my mirrors out of the barn and carefully picked out each one I wanted to display! What better way to showcase them than to create a fun gallery wall with all my favorites!?

It's about the ONLY space in my house that I haven't changed up over the years because I love it so much and you guys always love it too! I always get a ton of questions from each of you about where I got them and truthfully I got them everywhere! lol. Some I snagged at our Vintage Pickin events we host ( if you don't know about those click here!You're missing out!), some from flea markets, antique stores, etc.! But a new way I have found to source vintage items especially in a quarantine is on Etsy! There is so many great vintage items you can source on there. So, I thought I would put together a list of a few items I found for you guys! If you can't get out and thrift and feed that vintage habit maybe this round up will help!

Also to shop more vintage finds and goods, here is a blog post of a few of our Antique Vendors at our events you can shop from!


HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS ROUNDUP! Have a blessed week friends!!



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