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StellaRae's Room Refresh

Finally getting around to posting about StellaRae's Big girl room! StellaRae is 8 years old now so last year we decided it was time for a "big girl room." We had a vision in mind we both talked about, but I am not one to lay it out exactly. I always have an idea and certain things in mind but honestly I love letting it evolve as we work and creativity flows!

First on the list was DECLUTTER! She had several larger toys she had outgrown, so taking them to the attic to get rid of some toy clutter was SO relieving! The process of Upgrading her room took about 6 months! I searched deals and sales for items I had thought might be cute and practical and of course I was on the hunt to find those perfect vintage pieces to tie it all together and make a statement!nI wanted pieces that could be used for several years to come. We painted her room, some furniture, purchased her a bigger bed, and added in some decor items that could be used even when she matures!!



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