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Spring Walmart RoundUp

As you guys may have noticed Walmart has really stepped up their game in home decor. Way to go Walmart! Not only is it affordable but I've noticed they are trying to stay ON TREND for the most part. SO, I have Rounded up some Fun Walmart Decor for this week. I thought this would be a great way to save you guys some time looking for those perfect pieces and having to spend hours online or going from store to store! You guys know how much I love keeping it NEUTRAL, so this week I focused on some Versatile Boho pieces that you all could use. You could use this look all together or pull pieces from this to incorporate it into your existing spaces!


Beaded Wood Chandelier

Circular Design Mirror

Potted Green Olive Hill Tree

Stonewashed Quit Set

Wood End Table

Table Lamp

Glass Vase

Wicker Sea-Grass Storage Chest

Geometric Fringe Area Rug

South-Western Fringe Area Rug



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