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The Amazing Gleener Tool

Do you ever find yourself frustrated and annoyed by all the lint, fur, and lingering dandruff on your furniture and clothes? I am so excited to say that after all these years, I've found a super simple solution that extends the life of all your favorite things, including bedding, sweaters, suits, pillows, and linens to name a few. Introducing the amazing Gleener fabric shaver and lint brush! Keep scrolling to see why I love this product so much and why you will, too!

Before using the Gleener:

After using the Gleener:

Okay, tell me that's not incredible! Just look at the difference in this pillow. Below are just a few of the Gleener features I absolutely love:


No batteries required and it's small enough to store pretty much anywhere you want!


The Gleener comes with three fabric-friendly edges so you never have to worry about cuts or scrapes on your upholstery. Each of these interchangeable edges are guaranteed to bring your favorites back to life! Edge 1 is ideal for big, bulky pills like those found on heavy woolens, blends and synthetics. Edge 2 is best for medium pilling like those found on cashmere, merino and finer wools. It also works great on fleece. And, edge 3 revitalizes your summer knits, t-shirts, silk blends and ultra delicates by removing fine pills.


This one is especially great if you have pets in your home. This built in brush flawlessly picks up pet hair, dusts away dandruff and can be used to beautifully finish any de-pilling job. It's like magic, I swear!

Not to mention, the Gleener would make the most perfect stocking stuffer for any busy moms or homeowners you know!

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