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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is Approaching quickly so I decided to help y'all find the dads in your lives something special! Here is a Round Up of some items Tyler and I thought would be perfect for Him! Some of these items Tyler personally owns and a few are things that are still on the wish list if you know what i mean!lol

Actually his fathers day present is on here but i am trying my hardest to surprise him for once this year. Y'all i swear I cant pull one on him for nothing! He eithers sees it on the bank statement or gets to mail before me every single time!lol Anybody else?lol

A few of our favorites that Tyler uses on the regular and is huge fan of is his oncloud shoes, the shiatsu back massager, our Greenworks pressure washer, Criquet Golf shirts and his Andar wallet! And ANDAR gave me a coupon code for you guys if you order anything on their site for the man in your life! Tyler is a simple guy to say the least but i swear when he finds something he likes he doesnt waver from it! He is definitely a brand loyal guy for sure!lol

I hope this is helpful for you especially for all my girls like me always shopping last minute hoping for 2 day shipping! Love y'all big!

For Andar Wallet Use Code: vintagepickin20



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